Great West Gym Fest


We feel the Great West Gym Fest is the best, most FUN gymnastics competition in the World. It’s hosted by Perpetual Motion (Permo) Events in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho! Spokane airport is less than an hour away.


Our venues are in the wonderful Coeur d’Alene Resort, one of the best hotels in the USA.


We are already getting entries for 2019(!), so get your form in to reserve your spots! After we have received your registration form and non-refundable deposit, we will email you the link for the online registration! *DOWNLOAD THE 2018 ENTRY FORM HERE!*


Tickets for all 2018 sessions and special events will open NOVEMBER 2017! If any tickets are left over we will sell them at the door but many sessions and activities including Big Show Events finals, Ice cream socials, athlete’s dance party etc usually sell out in advance every year. Get yours soon!

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GWGF News!

The 2018 Schedule is here!

YES!! Please check out “Schedule and Events” for the highly tentative, V2.0 of the 2018 schedule below!

Coaches and Parents packets for 2018 ready to go!!

Please check the updated links on our site to the Parent Packets & the Coaches Packets to stay up to date for 2018. It’s gunna be another amazing year!

Keep Up to Date!

Check here for upcoming news as we grow closer to GWGF 2018!! Have you registered yet?!


Consistently rated the most fun, athlete AND parent friendly meet.


One of our coolest events is the “Midnight Dance Party” for the athletes, featuring :“kid-friendly” buffet, beverages, “glow in the dark” bling, the best DJs in Coeur d’ Alene, games and tons of other fun, all in a supervised, private setting! The Midnight Dance Party follows the “Big Show” Event finals.

Parents, you can drop your athletes off and go and enjoy a quiet dinner or special beverage while your athletes have a great time with their fellow competitors and our party staff! The party runs from 10:00 pm – 1:00am, and is suitable for all ages!

**Big Show Event finalists receive their Dance party tickets for free!**


220 lucky athletes and family members embark on a 90 minute cruise on beautiful Lake Coeur d’ Alene with ALL of our Olympians! They will receive a commemorative poster with all the Olympian’s photos, and enjoy delicious Ice Cream Sundays as the Olympians sign autographs and answer questions! (The cruise DOES return before the Big Show Event Finals!!)

As of 2016, we will now ALSO host 200 athletes and their guests to experience our “Ice Cream and Olympians for Breakfast” meet and greet on Sunday in the Plaza Shops!


Many athletes come back to us many years later, and say this was the most memorable and coolest competition they ever participated in, so don’t miss it! This is an AMAZING show, as the best optional athletes from the preliminary competition come back to compete in this gala-style finals! **This ticket is a special ticket, unless you have purchased a Weekend Pass, which includes the Big Show!**

Complete with LIVE DJs, honor guard, and a SOLD OUT crowd every year, each athlete will compete one-at-a-time, while being filmed on our giant big screens (no pressure!) Every finalist will receive one of the coveted GWGF Big Show Medals as awards, and will receive their Midnight Dance Party ticket for FREE as our thanks for qualifying.

We also have our “Parade of Olympians,” where we recognize our many Olympians… they then stick around leading the dances during the finals, throwing T shirts, handing out awards and more!


We ask that ALL Level 7, 8, 9 and 10 athletes fill out the Bio information for the Big Show Event Finals, please!!


Fill out your Bio here!


Important Info

The 2018 confirmation packets are attached for coaches and parents!

PHOTOS : see GWGF FlickrGWGF Facebook, or our own Rick Charles’ Flickr!

GWGF Results

2015 & 2014

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Schedule & Events

We are asking for your patience and understanding is this extraordinary year, so that we can accommodate your athletes and the athletes from the other gyms!

You will have priority in registration for 2018 until April 1, provided there is still space available… At that time, we will begin to accept entries from new gyms for 2018.

Don’t miss our meet the Olympians socials:

  • Athlete’s Midnight Dance party
  •  “Ice Cream for Breakfast”
  • Saturday Ice Cream Social Cruise
  • The Big Show event finals


Attached is the TENTATIVE V 2.0 of the 2018 Schedule! (History has shown there will be a few versions!)

Some notes… we have attemped to acocmodate the changes  and requsts as best we can. Apologies if you couldn’t get your first choice of sessions.  If there are addiitonal teams with XCEL Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, or level 3 athletes currently scheduled on Sunday that would like to compete on Thursday, please let us know! WE ARE NOT ABLE TO MOVE THURSDAY TEAMS TO SATURDAY OR SUNDAY AT THIS TIME!

If you find errors such as being in two sessions, or not being listed in a session, PLEASE DON’T PANIC – it’s all electrons! Please email us and we will adjust!

thumb_01_60_60THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! TENTATIVE V 1.0 of the 2018 Schedule! (His

We thank you in advance for your help and support, not just this year, but over the past few years. It has truly made this one of, if not THE most sought after invitational in the country for teams wanting a special, never-to-be-forgotten meet experience! We have a fantastic group of Olympians, fantastic awards and so much fun in store for you!

We will, or course, adjust any ticket issues for the parents, including swapping/refunding as necessary.



Instead of reading more about how AWESOME our event is, just click through our video archive! 

“Our gym had a blast at the (2015) Great West GymFest. Love the format with the 2nd night “big show” event finals. The gym was packed and everyone was glued on the amazing athletes. The event was so fun to watch. I wished all meets were like this.”

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