GWGF and Covid-19!

You may not have heard, but there’s been this pandemic…

All joking aside, the events of the past two years(!) have affected everyone. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to the many many thousands affected personally by illness and loss to their family, and we hope that we can bring a bit of excitement and joy to the start of 2022. We are excited to host so many of our gymnastic friends again, and celebrate the achievements of these amazing young athletes!

That said…

GWGF 2022 will be a 4 day meet, beginning on Thursday, finishing Sunday – we are trying to accommodate as many of the gyms and athletes as we can in this year of limited events, and to be able to go with slightly smaller sessions to allow for proper distancing.

Our Covid – 19 precautions are going to depend on the state of the world at the time of the meet… please remember that this is a very fluid situation, and is changing rapidly, so we will adjust as needed to accommodate the latest regulations and scientific data.

We will have precautions in place for everything from “normal” operations to completely physically distanced, depending on where we are at, to help us not become a Super-Spreader event, and to protect our athletes, coaches, judges, staff and all of their extended families.

We will have updates, as needed, as we get closer to the competition date! Please stay tuned!