Sadly we cannot offer a Boys competition for 2014. Our current venues  are too small. :-(


Great West Gym Fest 2013 is HISTORY.

For 2013 we tried running HALF our Men’s events across the street from the Resort in the Mall.



We need the ceiling height for Rings and Horizontal Bar. :-)


Session 12M Level 4 Jr
Session 12M Level 4 Sr
Session 12M Level 5 Jr A
Session 12M Level 5 Jr B
Session 12M Level 5 Sr A
Session 12M Level 6
Session 12M Level 7
Session 12M Level 8
Session 12M Level 10
Session 12M Team – Levels 4-5-6

We had been asked – nay, begged – to somehow have the boys back at the Resort in 2013, but the limited size of our facility – in particular the ceiling height – created some challenges, that despite our best efforts, weren’t up to the standard we were looking for in terms of visibility.

Dave Adlard



With questions, please contact Donny at 208-772-9443 or Dave at


____ BELOW is information from the last Gym Fest, Feb. 2012:


Check in time – 8:00 am
Competition – 9:00 am

We are VERY pleased to have the gentlemen back with us for the 2012 edition!

The competition for all ages and levels will take place at IEGA’s palatial training gym at 6360 Sunshine Street, coeur d’ Alene, ID. 83815

It’s located behind McDonalds and Applebees on the corner of Highway 95 and Hanley Avenue, about 12 minutes north of the Resort.

And what makes this meet so special?

Here’s a few of the things that set GWGF apart from the rest…

> Our traditional “Rock and Roll” march ins!

> Amazing awards!

> And this just in… Olympic Gold Medalist KYLE SHEWFELT will be there to hand out awards, sign autographs and talk to all the boys! It doesn’t get much better!

Tickets will be $10 for adults and $6 for children 6 – 12, and Sr’s over 65. Children 5 and under are free.

Tickets can be purchased at the door, and do not have to be bought in advance. We should have ample seating, though the best seats go fast, so show up early!

Concessions will be available.

The boys are also invited to purchase tickets and attend the Athlete’s Dance Party on Saturday evening, as well as the “Hang with the Olympians” Ice Cream Social on Saturday afternoon. These tickets must be purchased online. These events will take place at the Resort. The Big Show event finals will also take place on Saturday evening at the Resort.

The official hotel for the men’s meet is the Silverlake Motel, only a block from the gym! (208-772-8595)

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