Despite it not being our “Normal” year, we are doing our best to still make this as special an event as we can, and to provide you and your family with some great things to do!

Toward that end, we would like to offer you the following for your enjoyment!

The tentative Session Assignments are here!

We will be updating these by Feb 14 with what we hope are the final assignments – these are dependent on the numbers and changes we are getting from the gyms.

GWGF Shirts and Gear!

Our gift for each athlete this year will be the very special “GWGF 2020ne – Normal?!? What’s That?!?” shirt from Fine Designs! You will be able to collect your shirt at the meet. You can also order more GWGF Gear and customize your purchases at their online store! We will post the link in the next 2 days!

Gymfest Leos!

Destira will be taking pre-sale orders for the commemorative, never-to-be-forgotten 2020ne leo at Gymfest Leo!! These will be shipped directly to each athlete following the competition! The link will go live on Wednesday, February 10th (Yes, we’re creating a buzz!)

Video Streaming!

Because of our space and the restrictions in place when we had to have our “drop dead” date, we are unable to host spectators this year. 🙁

However, we are going above and beyond to try to make the streaming experience as top of the line as it can be, allowing you the opportunity to watch your athlete in High Definition on your own device in the comfort of your room, or at one of our “Watch Parties” in the Shore Room at the Resort, where food and beverages will be available for purchase!

Tickets for the Watch Parties are here!

Please Note: Each Session Ticket is only good for that one specific session, and we will be clearing the room after each session top allow for cleaning and to allow the next session spectators in! Thank you for your patience and understanding in this extraordinary year! The award swill not be streamed here, but you can join the free awards Zoom below.

We are working with SportScope to bring you the best possible coverage, and the Resort has dedicated massive resources to upgrading their internet and wifi capabilities to make this happen.

One of the blessings is that with this service, even friends and family who live far away will be able to watch their favorite young athlete compete in real time! Maybe the grandparents, who have never had the chance to see them live, will be able to be part of the fun!


·        Visit on the day of the event, click the thumbnail preview on the main page for your event

·        OR search for the event under the “Teams” label in the search bar 

·        OR visit the direct event page link:


·        Mobile device (phone or tablet) with web browser (Chrome recommended)  

·        Computer or a Computer with HDMI connection to TV (screen share or extension)  

·        Fire Stick internet browser called Silk  

·        Samsung Smart TVs work with their built-in browser   

·        Not compatible with Apple TV, Roku, or when using Air Play or Screencast from a device to a TV  


·        I’m trying to buy my ticket in advance, but it’s not letting me. Help? You will be able to purchase your digital ticket once the live stream has started on the day of the vent. Typically we’ll go live 30-45 minutes before the scheduled start time, so try refreshing your browser closer to the start time and the “purchase ticket” icon will appear over the video player. 

·        Where is my ticket code? Check your spam folder. You will have received two (2) emails: a receipt email and a ticket code email (that sometimes ends up in your spam box on first viewing) 

·        I already purchased a ticket, but it’s telling me to purchase another! Simply click “redeem code” at the top of the ticket purchase window and enter the ticket code you received after your initial purchase.  

·        Can I watch on multiple devices or transfer my ticket to another device? Your digital ticket code can only be used on ONE (1) device at a time. You are able to transfer your ticket code to another device, but it will time you out on the initial device you were watching on.  

·        The picture froze or I’m getting spinning circle, help? Simply refresh your browser! Similar to other video players, if you experience what appears to be a frozen screen or you’ve lost your connection, just refresh your browser. See the steps above if it prompts you to purchase another ticket (redeem code).  

We also have scores on My USA Gym!

And Meet Scores Online!


·        Contact the Sport Scope Live Support Team at  

Please note that all other watch party spaces in the hotel have been sold out at this time. Thank you!

Awards Zoom!

Awards will be streamed free of charge on Zoom here:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 867 1090 1706

Passcode: 553254

We will also post photos of the athletes from Awards on our website and on our Facebook!

We WILL have an official Meet Photographer this year!

You can pre-register to have the professional team from JDP Des1gns Photography follow your athlete around at GWGF Photography!

Tickets for the Watch Parties, Ice Cream Socials and more, as well as being able to order our Athlete’s Goodie Bags, or a flower or even a bouquet to be delivered to your athlete at Awards can be ordered here at Tickets! (Going Live Tuesday, February 9th!)

You can order your Athlete’s Goodie Bag, a Flower or a Bouquet to be presented during awards here!

Goodie Bags!

We WILL be hosting TWO “Hang with the Champions” Ice Cream Socials, complete with an autographed poster, ice cream sundae and more! One on Friday afternoon, the other Sunday morning!

Hot Cocoa Cruises!

The Coeur d’ Alene Resort will be offering Hot Cocoa Cruises on our beautiful lake! Go to, look for Hot Chocolate Cruises and enter 5GRPDIS for our GWGF Discount and to sign up!

Hot Winter Nights!

The Resort will also have the “Hot Winter Nights” at the event center, with the heated infinity pool and more! Space is limited, but check with the Concierge for more information!


Parking is available at the Resort for a fee, or you can park at the City Lot (Behind the Resort) for a smaller fee, or on the free City lot on 3rd street