THANKS to one and all

Meet Director Dave Adlard would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2009 Great West Gym Fest. Thanks to the parents for supporting their wonderful child athletes in this, the most challenging sport in the world.

Thanks to the organizing committee who work so hard to add more “nice” touches to this competition than any other you will attend this season.


And thanks to the athletes, especially those crazy Canadians who must try to change their routines around to compete under J.O. rules.


FINAL (tentative) SCHEDULE as of Feb. 16th

GWGF 2009 Absolutely final, permanent, Tentative Session Assignments

Here is Version 4.0 for GWGF 2009! There are a few changes, but I think we’re getting close!

Just in case, PLEASE double check your teams placements in ALL sessions! Hopefully, this will be our “final” version, though history would suggest otherwise… 🙂 If you STILL find an eror … or error … email or call Meet Director Dave Adlard right quick!

Download Session Assignments version 4 (PDF) to your computer. The FINAL draw … at least final as of Feb. 16th.