Results SUN Session 12: Excel/L3

The 2013 GWGF is in the books, and the vast majority of the weekend, was, by any standard, amazing! In particular, the Big Show, the Ice Cream Social, the Athlete’s Dance Party, the March Ins, and the quality of our awards and vendors were almost universally hailed as the best ever. That said, we would like to extend our sincerest apologies to the athletes, parents and coaches of Session 12 (Boys/Excel) at this year’s GWGF

We had a cascading series of challenging events happen on Sunday morning caused by an unforeseeable computer problem that delayed everything from printing our morning check in and registration sheets, (thus delaying entry etc), to the scoring for the one session that included of the boys and excels. Then to top it off, we had last minute changes in athletes levels, which changed age groups, placings and other award-related errors that we were not able to correct until later in the day on Sunday.

Sadly, though we had ZERO scoring errors (other than a wrongly submitted birthday from one gym) in the other 14 sessions, or any check in glitches, they did happen for this one session, and were all related. To double the pain for us, the only error we had last year was also in the Excel division – we really do love our Excels and boys!!

We are very disappointed in how that session went, and have already had meetings with our key folks as to how we can remedy or prevent any sort of reoccurrence in the future. With all that we try to do for our athletes, parents and coaches in our meet, this isn’t acceptable to us either, and I can promise that we will do everything we can to avoid anything like this in the future.

In regards to a few of the comments we received in reference to the boys competition itself, thank you for the several positive and supportive gestures, but again, we were not entirely satisfied with how it went for several reasons…

We had been asked – nay, begged – to somehow have the boys back at the Resort this year, but the limited size of our facility – in particular the ceiling height – created some challenges, that despite our best efforts, weren’t up to the standard we were looking for in terms of visibility.

We are already looking for other options before deciding on whether we will offer Boys competition for 2014, but no matter what we decide, we will do everything in our power to make the coolest, best meet of the season.

With sincerest apologies for session 12, and sincere thanks and love for the literally dozens of supportive emails and FB messages for the total meet experience – we are already planning for 2014, and give you our word that it will be the best, coolest GWGF ever!

Dave Adlard
Meet Director


Session 12 Level 3
Session 12 Level XB Jr A
Session 12 Level XB Jr B
Session 12 Level XB Sr A
Session 12 Level 😄
Session 12 Level XG Jr
Session 12 Level XG Sr
Session 12 Level XP
Session 12 Level XS Jr
Session 12 Level XS Sr
Session 12 Team – Level 3
Session 12 Team – Level XB-XS
Session 12 Team – Level XD-XG-XP


Results SUN Session 12: Macho Men


Session 12M Level 4 Jr
Session 12M Level 4 Sr
Session 12M Level 5 Jr A
Session 12M Level 5 Jr B
Session 12M Level 5 Sr A
Session 12M Level 6
Session 12M Level 7
Session 12M Level 8
Session 12M Level 10
Session 12M Team – Levels 4-5-6

HALF our Men’s events were held across the street from the Resort in the Mall.



We need the ceiling height for Rings and Horizontal Bar. 🙂