7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, I keep up with my meet scores and I see you loaded almost all results but forgot the second session level 7 group. Hope too see them up!

  2. I was wondering who to contact about the pictures… I received one of the two I was expecting (and paid for)

    Thanks guys! We had such a good time!!

  3. I bought a pass on showclix and just realized I bought the wrong date( should have bought Sunday pass but bought Saturday pass instead..) at this point, can I make exchange on the tickets?
    Thank you!


  4. Showclix said they are no longer selling tickets will tickets be available at the door. My daughter is competing Sunday night in the level 3 session that marches in at 7:45. Will tickets be available at the door for this only 1 adult ticket is needed. Thanks so much.

  5. I have to say I do NOT recommend this meet. It might be ok for the athletes, but the set up and seating for spectators is terrible and it is really expensive even for kids. If you can see the floor event, you can’t see the other events very well and if you can see the other events you can’t see the floor. I went to several different sessions and noticed so many people were saving seats on both sides so they could get a better view of their gymnasts so people were standing around the edges because of not enough seating, when it was really not enough seating were you could see all events. It is way to crowded and takes forever. I don’t know why gyms don’t realize that although yes it is a lot about the gymnasts, it also has to be about the people coming and paying so much money to watch after all that is part of what pays for you to put on the meets.
    So far this season, I would say for watching the gymnasts this is the worst location and the second worst is Flip Fest at Dynamic Gymnastics. Just my opinion, but it counts for where my gymnast will go in the future.

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