Schedule & Special Events!

Here is the 2017 GWGF schedule, as of Feb 22!


Please note the following:

**In order to accommodate all of the gyms and athletes in this year’s GWGF, we will be running sessions on Thursday!  Please keep this in mind when booking your rooms and travel schedule! Sorry for any inconvenience!** Optionals (Level 6 – 10) will be completed with competition by Saturday evening.

We are asking for your patience and understanding is this extraordinary year, so that we can accommodate your athletes and the athletes from the other gyms. Many of the biggest, most sought after meets are running 4 days this year.

As we began getting final numbers in from gyms who had previously paid deposits, the numbers have gone up quite a bit from what had originally been estimated. At this point, if we do not run the extra day, we are in a position where we are going to have to turn away teams who have already entered, and we don’t want to have to turn away any of the athletes from teams already attending, such as yours.

We have tried to have several of our local gyms compete on the Thursday, and even many/most of those will be able to attend at least a half day of school. For the later Sunday sessions, we hope folks will consider  “switching” the “normal” “miss school Friday” schedule to a “go to school Friday and stay over on Sunday so miss school Monday but have a relaxing, fun stay” schedule…

BEGINNING NEXT SEASON, GYMS COMPETING IN THIS YEAR’S EVENT WILL HAVE PRIORITY IN REGISTRATION FOR 2018, UNTIL APRIL 1, provided there is still space available… At that time, we will begin to accept entries from new gyms for 2018.

Just FYI, 2018 is already about 80% full…

The good news is that we are happy to announce that we still do have a little space left in the new format (and way improved, we have to say!) “Ice Cream for Breakfast” meet the Olympians social on Sunday morning, as well as the Athlete’s Midnight Dance party, though the Saturday Ice cream social cruise is sold out. The Big Show event finals is also getting close to selling out, so please remind your parents to get their tickets if they would like to attend!

We thank you in advance for your help and support, not just this year, but over the past few years. It has truly made this one of, if not THE most sought after invitational in the country for teams wanting a special, never-to-be-forgotten meet experience! (And on that note, we have a fantastic group of Olympians, fantastic awards and so much fun in store for you!!!)

We will, or course, adjust any ticket issues for the parents, including swapping/refunding as necessary.




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